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Watch these short video tutorials first so you can see how our platforms works. 

STEP 2:    Next, download the Product Overview.

STEP 3:    Now it’s time to go deeper into how our platform can specifically help your construction business with digital timekeeping, productivity improvements, project tracking, and better business decision-making. 

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What to expect during a Demo?

  • We’ll walk through our digital timekeeping features, as well as how your foremen and project managers can see real-time progress and changes on a project. We’ll also see a typical project set-up, and how the Rhumbix platform can fit in with some of your other systems.
  • We highly encourage looping in other members of your operations during this meeting. That way we can address the questions that will inevitably come up from colleagues and co-workers.
  • Finally, if appropriate, we can look at how productivity gets measured and the potential business insights that result.

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