Please join Peter Vitale of stok, and Jason Barber of Dynalectric Colorado, for the inaugural Denver meeting of the Society for Construction Solutions.

The Society for Construction Solutions (SCS) is a group of industry professionals, entrepreneurs, investors, and researchers who meet regularly in San Francisco, Boston, New York City, and Sydney. The SCS group exists as a forum to provide exposure, feedback and support to vendors developing hardware and software solutions for architecture, engineering, construction, and facility management professionals. We aim to invite visionary professionals working in the construction industry to facilitate the forum and be a part of the discussion.

The SCS formed in 2014 after surveying a group of construction technology entrepreneurs in need of a networking organization. The survey findings became the SCS charter, which seeks to eliminate the reasons a qualified person would not attend.

  • SCS members are anyone who receives the email announcements/invitations.
  • Meetings can be attended by anyone referred by a member.
  • There are no dues or sponsors. It is expected that those who can help chip in to cover the cost of dinner do so.
  • A typical meeting:
    • Is preceded by a happy hour
    • Begins with all attendees introducing themselves
    • Features a speaker’s 10-slide presentation
    • Includes dinner

Past featured speakers for SCS: BranchTechnology, BuildingConnected, Building Systems Planning, Concrete Sensors, FieldWire, HoloBuilder, Indoor Reality, Primal Sensors, and Williams Robotics. 

-----   Event Details   -----

Date: Tuesday, August 1st, 2017

Location: Tradecraft Industries - 6145 Broadway, Denver, CO 80216

5:00 pm - Happy Hour @ Tradecraft
6:30 pm - Meeting @ Tradecraft 

  • 30 minutes of attendee introductions and brief announcements. 
  • ZachScheel.jpgPresentation and Q&A session by Rhumbix co-founder and CEO, Zach Scheel. Rhumbix is a workforce productivity software that utilizes timekeeping and production data collected from the field to generate real-time productivity and performance insights. Zach will be sharing his journey to the present state, and vision for the future of construction technology. 
7:30 pm - Appetizers and Dinner @ Tradecraft by Freddy's Food Truck

Please register to get a count for the food truck.